I LVOE TPF!!! A revelation, an epiphany...

  1. Thanks to everyone here on TPF!!! I was about to panic when I took a quick glance at the corner of my azur speedy when I noticed it had turned blue.:sad::sweatdrop: Then I remembered reading about jeans fading on the azur and I automatically grabbed my son's pink pearl eraser and baby wipes. OMG!!! They both worked wonders, it looks as if the stain has completely disappeared! I thought to myself had it not been for TPF, my azur would have been ruined and off to eBay it goes. I heard music and ahhhhh such a revelation. Thank goodness for TPF, bless everyone and I hope to learn more from you all.
    p.s. please feel free to move this to the right section, sorry mods (i wasn't sure where to put this)
  2. whew glad to hear it worked out well for you!!
  3. That's great news!!! I'm super glad you could get that color out. :tup:
  4. so glad you saved your bag!!!
  5. The incredible baby wipes have saved the day again! This place is great, isn't it? There really is so much useful information here!
  6. Great that you were able to erase the stain.:tpfrox:
  7. Congratz!!! DOn't you just LVoe this place?
  8. I LVOE TPF TOO!!!
    I went to LV yesterday with my dad and his friend and she wanted to know prices of a few things and she was SO amazed that I knew the names and prices for most of the things in the boutique!! I'm so amazed myself at how much I've learned from here....THANK YOU TPF! :heart:


    and Congrats on getting the stain out!!! :nuts:
  9. That's awesome, I'm glad you were able to fix it! TPF works miracles once again lol.
  10. Wonderful news- glad your bag is saved!
  11. oh cool!! i never knew that~
    sigh tpf is so awesome isnt it? hahaha
  12. It is amzing how much we learn on TPF. I have learned so much since joining. I love this place!!!!!!

    I am glad you were able to save your Azur.
  13. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to save your bag :yahoo:

  14. So glad it worked out for you.
  15. yeah your azur has been saved.