I LVoe LVoe My new baby...

  1. which happens to be Tivoli Pm.It's a special gift that got today from my DH as a Birthday present.It's also my last bag for this year,i will be leaving germany for a while and will be back early feb. but i will be posting once in a while.
    I asked the SA today about the miroir heart purse but she had no idea. She said maybe by the end of dec. she will be having more info.
    Here are the pictures, i know you have all seen pictures of Tivoli but i still want to share.
  2. So cute! Congratulations :smile: Love the box with the bow on it!
  3. Its gorgeous!! Enjoy it!
  4. nice, congrats!
  5. i'm liking this bag much better then the mono speedy....

    Congrat's its a beauty.

    Will this be a regular stocked item ?
  6. Congrats and happy birthday!!! Ant modelling pics, birthday gal???!:smile:
  7. It's a great bag! Congrats!
  8. I lvoe your new baby too!
  9. Oh I adore it! I am getting one tonight for my mom. Congrats on a lovely bag!
  10. happy birthday!!!
    Congrats on a great bag very versatile!
  11. congratz its so cute!
  12. Thank you guys, i'm off to bed.
  13. Happy Birthday and congratulations!!!:woohoo:
  14. Happy Birthday!

    I :heart: the Tivoli!
  15. Happy Bday and congrats on your newest addition