I luv my new Modern Chain Flap bag

  1. This arrived yesterday. At first I was not sure so I put away in the box. Today I got more times to gaze at. Took some pictures to share. I :heart: :heart: :heart: so much.

    I'm done shopping for 2006. I need to recover & get ready for 2007.
    06AMCflapwhite.jpg 06AMCflapwhite2.jpg 06AMCflapwhite3.jpg 06AMCflapwhite4.jpg
  2. look stunning on you. Congrats!
  3. Very, very pretty! Congrats, iluvchanel!! :heart:
  4. it's sooo beautiful!

    looks sooo cute on you!
  5. Yea!!! I love MC flap too!!!
  6. Very Stunning!!!! Looks WONDERFUL on you!
  7. :drool: :wtf: :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: LOVE IT!!!!:drool:
  8. WWWooooWWWWW!! The white one!! I love it!!
  9. It's gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. *sigh*:love:
  12. It looks fabulous on you.
  13. It's gorgeous!
  14. It does look fantastic!! Amazing actually!!! Congrats, perfect bag to end the year with :yes:
  15. amazing!

    is the flap in the 1500$ range?