I luv My Bags!

  1. Love your MJ's!
  2. Wow - I just realized that I haven't updated this thread in over 18 months!!:wtf:

    Looking back at what I listed back then, my collection has DRASTICALLY changed. In fact, I don't own ANY of those bags anymore!!!

    You can view my entire collection here:

    Here's a list of my current collection:

    My entire collection consists of MJ bags, except for ONE lone Balenciaga
    a Medium (City), in Plomb
  3. My most recent acquisition is a MARC JACOBS KATE in Green (Resort 09)
  4. the most coveted in my collection is the QUILTED CECELIA in Blue (F09)
    (it's one of only TWO that were made!!)

  5. the only MbyMJ in my collection is the (Petal to the Metal) Sasha in Marsh Brown

  6. the two stams that I have left (I had five at one time!!)

    The Daydream Stam in Bright Navy (F09)
    (this one came all the way from Japan - it wasn't available anywhere in the US or Europe!!)

    and one of the most coveted MJ Stams ever - Quilted Petrol in Icy Leather (F05)

  7. And the rest of my collection consists of....

    An Original/1st Season Stella, in Black (2001/02)
    St. Marks in Bordeaux (F09)
    Hudson, in Teal (S07)
    Large Single in Grey (F09)
    Stardust Cecelia, in Clay (F09)
    Grainne Ginny, in Navy (S09)
    Quilted Mika, in Black (S08)

    and of course, my SLGs:

    Soft Calf Zip Clutch in Graphite (F06)
    Large Zip Wallet, in Red (R09)
    Soft Calf Key Pouch in Bordeaux (F09)
    Quilted Agenda, in Black (F08)

    AND........I have THREE more things on their way to me now!!
    (look for updates later this week!!!) :graucho:
  8. Nice collection!
  9. great stuff!
  10. thank you!!

    Of the three things I had on the way, one them was returned (didn't work out).
    But I did add this Quilted Marky in Violet (MJ) and I still have more thing on its way - the seller was late shipping it out, so hopefully tomorrow or Tue
    Marky 003.JPG
  11. I like ur MULBERRY bag...that colour is really cute
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    thank you Gloria! It's the closest to a Denim Birkin that I'll ever get!!:p

    The last of the three things I was expecting FINALLY arrived earlier this week. It's another Large Zip Wallet from Marc Jacobs 2008 Resort Season. I used to have a smaller wallet just like this - the leather is just fantastic on this one! I also love this new style. It's surpassed the Zip Clutch as my fav wallet style!! Sadly, I parted with that one about 6 months ago. And........

    I actually have ONE MORE surprise on its way to me! It should have been here today, but FedEx screwed up! :pout: I'm very excited about it and can't wait to add its pic to my album!!! I'm also going to take an updated family pic once it gets here - hopefully, this weekend! Promise to post it as soon as I'm able to take it
  13. Cool collection ........do share in future as well .
    Thanks for sharing
  14. So I took an updated MJ Family Picture today. (Sorry all you Bbag fans -- since my Bbag is my only non-MJ bag, it didn't make the pic ;)), Here is my current collection of bags and SLGs (there are individual pics in my PF album)


    Top Row (L to R): Quilted Cecelia (F/W09), Blue; MbyMJ Petal to the Metal Sasha, (F/W09), Marsh Brown; Stardust Cecelia (F/W09), Clay

    Second Row: St. Marks (F/W09), Bordeaux; Original Stella (2001/02), Black; Kate (Resort 09), Green

    Third Row: Daydream Stam (F/W08), Bright Navy; (1st Season) Quilted Icy Stam (F/W05), Petrol; Striping Hudson (S/S07), Teal

    Third Row: Venetia (S/S07), Light Grey; Quilted Large Single (F/W09), Grey; Grainne Ginny (S/S09), Navy)

    Front Row: Quilted Mika (S/S08), Black
  15. And here are my SLGs


    Top Row: MJ Special Items Quilted Case (2008), Blue

    Second Row: Soft Calf Zip Clutch (F/W06), Graphite; Large Zip Wallet (Resort 08), Grey

    Third Row: Quilted Marky (F/W09), Violet; Quilted Large Zip Wallet (Resort 09), Red

    Bottom Row: MJ Special Items Coin Purse (08), Grey; Quilted Agenda (F/W08), Black; Soft Calf Key Pouch (F/W07), Bordeaux