I luv My Bags!

its been a long time since I added to this thread and so many of my pics are gone (as are most of the bags that were in those pics!), so I'm going to add pics of some of my additions from the last year or so

Although I still have a few MJs in my collection, my Celine bags are all gone and I've circled back to Balenciaga. I currently own more Balenciaga bags than I've ever owned at one time before!:yes:

First up, this is a bag I originally purchased when it first came out (a photo of it can be found on the first page of this thread). Like so many of us, I sold it to fund a new purchase, but it wasn't long before I regretted it and for years I searched for a replacement. It finally happened and the purchase couldn't be more special -- this was one of the bags from Ceejay's collection that her spouse consigned after her death

Its a S05 (A tag) Black City

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these are 2 of my oldest/earliest Balenciaga bags (2002 I believe)
These are what Bbag collectors refer to as Flat Brass Firsts -- because they are some of the more rare bags from earlier seasons that used flat brass hardware instead of the raised HW of later seasons. They also have longer shoulder straps which I wish they had never switched away from

Caramel and Black


These are the Marc Jacobs bags still in my collection

I have 2 MbyMJ Petal the Metal Sasha bags from the first season



Marsh Brown (this isn't the same one I used to have shown on p.3 -- this is one of my "replacement" bags!)


Skinny Quilted Single in Grey


Paradise Kate in Camel


And of course, my most treasured MJ -- haven't carried it in years but I don't think I could ever part with it
1st season Petrol Stam (yes, its the same one shown way back on page 3)

And finally -- years ago I saved up & purchased a brand new LV Sofia Coppola (SC) Bag in Navy. To this day, its the largest/most expensive handbag purchase I've ever made. I still remember walking out of the boutique with that LV shopping bag on my arm! I had purchased the larger size and it served me well for years, but then I started working from home and no longer required such large bags, so I made the tough decision to sell it 2 years ago. It was hard to do and any time I'd see a photo of someone with their SC I'd get the yearning all over again. Well, last year -- on Easter Sunday of all days (ironic since today is Easter Sunday!)-- I found the smaller SC in the same color, from the same season as my original bag. It came with all its tags & sleeper -- the whole shebang!

Other than some minor corner wear, it couldn't be more perfect :love: :drool:

My Small LV SC in Navy

Wow, how did I ever miss these way back when...

Marc should have called those the Kate as a nod to her two sparrows tattoo by Lucian Freud, hehe.

Gorgeous collection overall!!! :love:
those Petal to the Metal bags are made with most amazingly soft lamb's leather
The smell is intoxicating (especially the black one -- sometimes I just pull it out of the closet to catch a whiff & pet the leather! :lol:)
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Two new oldies I never considered, but am so glad I did! Both are Balenciaga Cities

First, from 2004, this color is called MARRON -- its a brownish shade of red and is made from the most amazing leather! I've always thought S05 leather was the best, but thats just been beat :drool:


I've never been a fan of reds & never paid much attention to this shade, but when I saw it, it caught my eye. I can see now why this shade of red is the favorite of so many Balenciaga collectors

From 2005, this color is called ROUGE THEATRE -- its a hard shade to capture on film. The best way I can describe this is "blood red"


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