I Luv Inferno

  1. Its adorables. With all the devils and Grin Reapers and things with fangs...:upsidedown:
  2. :death:
  3. I :love: devils in tighty whitie underpants. :smile:

  4. ipod girls all the way ;)
  5. Definitely my favorite print. :love:
  6. I just got my first Inferno bag yesterday...I totally love it...and I have to say I do think it's my favorite print now...move over Paradiso.
  7. There is so much about this print that I LOVE!!! My top favorites are the two guitar rocker guys, T.P. guy, baby adios brushing teeth & devil brushing teeth and the pink ipod girl. I could go on and on about my favorites because I love Inferno so much!!!!
  8. i luvz the evil mushroom.... and the little bunny with blood on his shirt... and the jalapeno pepper. :death:
  9. I absolutely love this print! :love: All the characters are sooooooo cute! The little devil roasting his marshmallow looks so happy and content.
    I used my campeggio for the first time today, received a few compliments from people at the mall and at work. Caught a few people looking at it too but didn't realize that I forgot to take the wrapper off my qee till i got home! oops!
  10. ...and the evil venus fly trap...
    and the bullets...
    and the ADORABLE bombs:lol:
  11. ...and the slime hole...
  12. ...and the evil rainbow...
  13. soccer devil!! =D=D
  14. i also really appreciate the little cherry with a happy face on top of the cake. it's so tiny but great!
  15. This was my first print, I wish I had gotten more =[