I love's my iphone

  1. It was I didn't know she knew my name. I go by Toni. I guess somewhere in the storage and serial numbers is my real name. Lol
  2. i LOVE LOVE Love my iPhone!! i used to have a DroidX and my fiance loves his new Droid Razr!!....we always joke around what my phone can do that his cant and vice versa.....well last night he told me that hes thinking about switching to the iPhone!! woooo i converted him FINALLY!! lol....now we just have to wait for the upgrade :]
  3. Ha ha.
    I rarely use the iPad or MacBook cause this phone does everything. I hope I don't "blow it up" from over use. Lmao.
  4. Switched from DroidX to iPhone 4 six months ago. Miss the big screen and customizable keyboard. And ease of downloading songs. BUT the iPhone works everyday no worries!! Since I like to actually CALL people on my phone this is a plus. Droids r too unreliable for me.
  5. I have just switched to iPhone from an android phone and I love love love it! My husband has the new Samsung phone and yes it has a big screen but you couldn't pay me to switch back. The iPhone is perfect for me.
  6. This phone is seriously my b.f.f! Ha. Love it!!
  7. There's probably an app for that 😊lol
  8. My iPhone is my life! Cali is my life line... I've had an iPhone since the 3G and I wouldn't change phones ever...
  9. I don't have Siri I'm only using an iPhone 4. I will upgrade when the next phone comes out.. I didn't feel there was much point going from the 4 to the 4s with talk of the 5
  10. I do the same.. S/o has a bb .. Meh boring to me.. I like that I can do some much customizing with my phone.
  11. Is to jailbroke? You can change your keyboard once it is .. What is the issue with downloading songs?
  12. Same!!!
  13. I would really be so lost without my iPhone! I cannot count how many times I've had to google an address and immediately plug it the phone's gps to make it to events in new places on time. Lifesaver! I also love not having to turn on my computer all the time because my iPhone does pretty much everything.
    Oh, last thing! I also love that I can SO easily switch the keyboard to other languages because I often have to type or email in Spanish of German and all the characters are easily accessed with the iPhone.
  14. It is worth it to me. I finally know how to talk to Siri do that I don't have to repeat myself or my texts come out all wrong. It's a great tool when utilized fully.
    I wonder if the 5 is going to have it.
  15. Just got my new iPhone 4S yesterday. Trying to find a new ringtone....what a pain, lol.

    I have not had a chance to try Siri out yet. Have no idea how to turn it on. I switched from a iPhone 4 to the 4S and it's a bit different.

    But.....I do love my iPhone!!