I LOVEEEEEE my new H!!!!!

  1. Hello~! My new Hermes RTW has arrived. There was none in my size in US when my SA did 'search' all the stores in US. So my dear SA transfered this from all the way from Japan, from the other side of the world!!!!!!!!!!!:sweatdrop::wlae: I absolutely LOVEEEE this piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just GORGEOUS piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just would like to share my joy with you guys...
    DSC04595.JPG DSC04599,1.JPG DSC04598.JPG
  2. WOW!!!! It's beautiful and looks PERFECT on you! You are one haute mama!!!!
  3. Just gorgeous!
  4. I love it too, absolutely gorgeous, looks so good on you!
  5. Looks totally hot!
  6. Stunning! :tender:
  7. Aspenmartial, you look tres chic and sexy! Your SA is awesome to get this all the way for you from Japan!!! CONGRATS!
  8. whistle, whistle... what perfect outfit for you!!!
  9. Sizzling hot, aspen!Great SA!
  10. Aspen - it's gorgeous and you look fabulous with it! Congratulations!
  11. You and your new dress look super hot together. That dress is certainly a perfect fit and well worth the effort to ship all the way from japan.
  12. ohhh, i love how this looks on you!
  13. ASPEN!!!! You gorgeous thing you!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
  14. pretty!
  15. love it you look stunning (and i love your hair sorry if that sounds weird :upsidedown:)