I loved my new Sig. Gigi tote in khaki/black until...

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  1. Hi - This is my first post. I must admit I've been lurking for awhile and just worked up the nerve to write something. I loved my new Sig. Gigi tote in khaki/black until:

    1. I saw it knocked off at a street vendor's kiosk in Puerto Rico
    2. I saw it knocked off on eBay
    3. I read someone's TPF post that some larger sig. bags "scream Coach"
    4. I read that most of you prefer the Gigi in leather or patent leather (which I also love)
    5. I read that most of you would *die* if someone thought you were carrying a fake

    I've never been one to be swayed by the power of outside influence but I'm starting to have second thoughts about this bag :sweatdrop:. I bought last month at the boutique on PCE because of the size, the lighter weight and the versatility of the khaki/black colors. As PATHETIC (and I truly mean pathetic) as this sounds, if one person could write back and tell me they would buy this bag or have bought this bag it might just balance out the 5 concerns listed above that are swirling around in my head :smile: And then the two of us could be Sig Gigi friends and have each other's backs when we're down about seeing yet another knock off of a really great bag!!!! :idea: Here's your chance to save a Gigi from losing her home and heading back to the icy cold back storage room at the boutique!
  2. Well, I don't have the Gigi and I tend not to like the Sig (except black on black), BUT I ordered the Gigi in the new turquoise patent. When I received it, it was SO heavy! I returned it. So, when you say you purchased the sig because of the lighter weight, that really got me. I really like the look of the khaki/white, so now I'm thinking!
    And don't feel pathetic. I change my mind constantly about liking a bag. And you can't worry about the fake Coach bag thing -- they are everywhere!
  3. Welcome to TPF! First of all, I never really care what others think about my bags...it's what I like, what I need, ok, not really NEED, but ya know, and so on...
    Most Coach styles are counterfeited these days, regardless of what you buy, so that's a Catch-22. The thing with me, is that I WOULD know it's fake and that would totally bother me, hence my distaste for fakes, besides all the countless other reasons..however, if you love the bag, keep it, because one day, after numerous other Coach purchases, you'll kick yourself for returning it! At least that's what I've found. Or the bags you passed on that were a great price, for me that would be the white Legacy for $150.00 at an outlet I turned my nose up at because it was "out of season"..(kick, kick, kick!).
    So if you love Gigi. Keep her. Fakes are fakes and you know you have the real deal right? So try not to let that cloud your buying habit with Coach, because like I said, most Coach bags are knocked off these days..
  4. Hi,

    I am new to the forum also. I have been wanting the GIgi tote for a while along with the signature shoulder bag in khaki/mahogany, item #11689. I pruchased this bag last night at macy's but they did not have the gigi tote. I love the signature shoulder bag. It has large C's all over it and I don't care if it SCREAMS coach or becomes a knock off. If you like the bag keep it. I would. I just have to wait for a trip to the nearest coach store. Hope this helps!
  5. Is "screaming" Coach really such a bad thing? Coach has a tasteful trademark, the C's. They look very nice. I know I prefer leather because I can't help it, leather is supple and smells so good to me but if it was a siggie bag I was in love with I would not care what anyone thought about it, I buy what I love!
  6. Welcome to tPF! I don't have the Coach bag you are talking about. I have a different one. I :love: it!! Don't worry what others think. You gotta get what you want. :yes: What ever makes you happy. I have bags from Coach to Chanel. I love:love: them all. I only returned one. And like one of the previous tPFers said,YES I ended up kickin' myself for it. So imo,if you like/love it,I would keep it.
  7. C4N -- I forgot to say Welcome. :woohoo: I am kind of a newbie, but I am starting to feel at home. Everyone is so nice and since I have no siblings, and my friends are not into bags, tPF has been so great for me. Looking forward to seeing you.
  8. Welcome to tPf! Im sure your Gigi is beautiful. If you love it and it works for you, then thats all that counts. Some people prefer sig over leather; some prefer leather over signature. They're all lovely bags, and everything will be knocked off sooner or later so dont let that worry you. Of all the sig bags I see around (and I see a TON of them in my area) I dont think I've ever seen a knock-off Gigi, so dont worry about it too much.
  9. I, too forgot to say welcome! :hugs: You're going to love it here because it is a place you can truly relate with other purse lovers whom are few and far between in real life. My sister hates carrying a purse and only grabs a wallet wherever she goes so I can't talk to her about it. My friend likes purses but is not into Coach like I am. Only LVs. She hardly takes a second glance at any of my purses so I couldn't really talk to anyone until I found this place. I love it here and I hope you do, too! I've learned so much about Coach like which bags/wallets are keepers and which ones are so-so. Very good advice you'll find.
  10. Thanks everyone for your "welcomes" and kind replies! I was leanng towards keeping Gigi and you've reassured me that I made the right decision. I will wear my new Gigi with pride! I'll post pics of my Coach collection soon... -C4N
  11. Welcome! You will love this forum and learn so much! Oh, and if that's your little guy, he's adorable!!!! (I'm guessing boy because of the blue on the clothing). :tender:
  12. Welcome ! I have been going back and forth about this bag and other khaki signature bags too but you know when you see these knockoffs IRL it is easy to tell for the most part and eventually all of the latest knockoffs will fall apart and they will be phased out so you will still have your gorgeous GIGI ! Your baby is so cute ! Do you use Gigi as a bag to carry your baby stuff in ?
  13. If you like it that's all that matters. Who cares what other people think?

    I saw a woman with this bag on Sunday and it was stunning. I could not keep my eyes off of it.
  14. Welcome!! I LOVE the khaki/black combo and think it is a very classy combination. I tried the leather Gigi also and found it just way too heavy to actually use. As someone else said, just because its been knocked off doesn't mean you shouldn't carry it! I see a ton of fake Carlys on a daily basis but you can tell the minute you see them they are fake.
  15. I don't have the bag but I WANT the bag. And your baby is to cute.

    Wear what you LIKE! Hold your head up high and enjoy your bag.

    Welcome to TPF!