"I love your purse! Where did you get it?"

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  1. I hear this at least once a week from complete strangers, and I am too embarrassed to say, " EBay"
    when complimented on one of my great finds. How do you answer that question?
    Please any suggestions for a good answer next time.
  2. why not say ebay? If you love your purse, does it matter??
  3. There's nothing wrong with saying you get a great deal on ebay. :smile: How about just telling them the designer of the bag and where it can be purchased?
  4. I know what you mean. Ebay does have a bit of a rep for being a haven for fake merchandise. Sometimes when I say ebay I feel like I am saying out of somebody's trunk in a parking lot even though I do go to great lengths to make sure I only purchase authentic items.
  5. Just say you got it on eBay. I sometimes take the opportunity to tell women about this forum and how you should get any bag you buy outside of the auth shops, here at the purse forum.
  6. LOL, I usually say," I get this LV from eBay for a trully great deal and this is limited edition/discontinued/unvalaible here." :lol: if it's really limited edition/discontinued or unavalaible at LV store here.
  7. It's so funny everyone knows I love to find deals. I am a bargain shopper and I get great designer items for less all of the time. Whether on Ebay or consignment shop, sample sale etc. People always assume I spend so much $, I tell them Ebay and they get shocked....lol. I don't care as long as I don't pay retail.
  8. Agree :yes: :yes: :yes: and as long as I get authentic item and pay with my own money :P
  9. I know exactly the feeling
    I would say name of the store/brand because everybody knows ebay by now. They will check out ebay anyways.
  10. Thanks Ladies. I enjoy all of your opinions.
    I have answered eBay in the past but hate "that look" I sometimes get. And I have answered the designer and where their stores are, but feel a little la tee dah and snooty doing that.
    Maybe just say got it at a great clearance sell a while back. What do you think?
  11. lol! i always experience the same dilemma! i get new LV off Ebay like every week so when peple i know see me with a new bag, they automatically are like " Did you get that on Ebay" lol hahahaha its alittle weird but I just say yeah! and i got it less than retail.
  12. How about "thank you so much, I love it too." (smile graciously:smile:) Or "the getting place" is one of my faves. If pressed I say "New York" because I do go there pretty often and that usually satisfies them.
  13. I also feel weird when people ask where I got my bags. I was in nordstroms and the SA asked where I got my Chloe. I said " ebay" but I felt weird about it -- as if she thought it was fake after that.
    I had it authenticated and would never buy a fake but it does feel weird since there are SO many fakes out there.
    I can't really lie, either so i'm kind of in the same boat..
  14. Whenever someone asks me where I got something -- I reply -- "Milan."
  15. I just bought my first bag off of ebay and I will say it proud if i'm asked