~~~ "I Love You" presents from hubby ~~~ pics!

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  1. I got home from work yesterday and hubby had this "naughty" looking smirk on his face. So naturally I said "what did you do now?" He says "Oh nothing" ~ that in itself is a dead giveaway, I was thinking, oh crap he bought another ATV or something ... but I was too tired to even put too much into it.

    On my way to my bathroom ~ I caught a glance of these:yahoo: He's even put them on our living room couch where I always do my pics and said "there Babe, it's ready for you to take pics and show your tPF friends". He is such a sweetie ... I do love him so:love:.

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  2. awwww how cute! Wish someone would buy me Bal!! Can't wait to see the reveal!
  3. He knew I've been wanting this color ... but just would not take the plunge, so he did for me!

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  4. Is that turq GGH and turq money? I am just guessing. Cannot wait for you to reveal what are in the bags. :smile: Your husband is lovely. I wish someone would buy Bbag for me hehehe :P
  5. Sorry, my PC is acting up ...

    But anyway ... here she is! Turq Part-Time GGH and Turq Money (so that's what it's called, duh!)

    I really wanted the SGH but I don't want to hurt this feelings ... so I may have to keep these ...

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  6. aww what a sweet DH to surprise you with such gorgeous bal goodies!! congrats :smile:
  7. That's so beautiful! Your husband is a gem! Mine is, by his own admission, "terrified" to purchase me a handbag, lol! (but I love him anyway of course!)

    Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  8. OOOOOOO!!!! Sweet Purple your sooo lucky to have such a GREAT DH. I absolutely love the Turq and my fav GH bag is the part time, so that is like the perfect bag! CONGRATS!!!
  9. So, I wanted to take a better pic but it's seriously overcast here ... I decided to just hold it up by the door and my English Bully:love: got in the pic ... so she's modeling it, lol! And at the end she literally got tired, gave up and laid down ~ gave me one those "you're weird" look! lol!

    As always, thank you for letting me share my happiness with you ladies and gents!:heart:

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  10. awww how sweet of your DH! lucky you! congrats!
  11. Thank you everyone ... do you guys think the Turq looks better in GGH or SGH ... I really want the SGH, but I know hubby will notice if I exchange because he mentioned that the GGH looked real good in this color. Maybe I could just get an SB with SGH.
  12. Aww so sweet!
  13. definitely the GGH. turq, bg, & sahara look very good w/ the GGH imo
  14. How lucky! Congrats!:tup:
  15. omg..that is sooo sweet!!! i can't believe he did that...