I Love You Guys!!!

  1. I just started a new thread asking about the legacy turnlock and sharing my most recent purchases. Well, as I was reading through your posts I discovered the PCE...which I had never heard of. Since I just picked up the legacy satchel YESTERDAY for a total price of $830 I thought this PCE thing sounded pretty good. My husband and I have spent well over $1000 in the past year at three different locations in our area. I had no idea how the PCE thing worked, but thought I'd call and check it out! I was told that most everything was under my husbands name, and so for future purchases, I should only use one name since the company is the one that determines who gets the PCE card. I did a little begging and said the 25% discount (Holy cow...had no idea it was that much!) would really help with the purse I JUST purchased. The SA said she'd check with her manager and then said they would give it me!!!! I just have to drive 20 minutes tomorrow and I'll get the money back on my card. I'm so flippin' excited!!!:yahoo: THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!! If it wasn't for tPF, I would never have known about the PCE. You guys rock!!:okay:
  2. Yay.. congrats:yahoo:
  3. Yea! congratulations!
  4. what a nice SA you have, congragulations!
  5. congrats!
  6. VERY NICE SA! Congrats!

    :graucho: OOOH, evil shopper inside me says:

    "You could very likely get a SECOND bag with the difference" ...or a wallet, or a few wristlets and keyfobs, or a scarf, or perfume, or a cute bangle, or a ......
  7. ^^^Watch it, she's dangerous!! She's making ME want to go get some stuff now!!
  8. Too late for anyone to be a bad influence, I immediately called back and purchased the matching wallet in Whiskey as well as the wristlet, and a legacy ponytail scarf, AND a key fob :smile: heh-heh!!