I love Yahoo Taiwan auctions

  1. I just bought an OP angioletto and a tan playground caramella from one of the sellers. I am so excited. Can't wait to get them.
  2. aw that is so fun!
  3. does anyone know how to contact sellers at the Yahoo Japan auctions?
  4. If it's the same as the Taiwan yahoo auctions, you would have to sign in and click on the "auction questions and answers" hyperlink to ask the questions or ask for contact info there. I had my whole convo with the sellers on the auction.
  5. :tdown: i don't think it works the same. i was able to send an email to a seller on Yahoo Taiwan auctions, but i had gotten the mailer demon when i sent an email to the japanese seller. :sad:
  6. I don't know then, I wasn't able to email the seller on the Taiwan auctions.
  7. qtiekiki congrats! ...did you buy it from andrea? if you did i was trying to get that op angioletto and one of her playground caramella too :sad: i emailed her about that and other bags.. she told me that due to numerous emails about her merchandise she plans to put them in eBay ..oh well you did the right way of bidding... im not registered on yahoo taiwan auctions and wouldnt bother trying because i cant read chinese! :lol: make sure you post pics!! do you know if that seller of yours has an op dolce/ciao? :graucho:
  8. Hello,

    Buying from YJA is a bit of a process unfortunately. Even after I managed to decipher the registration page and get myself a YJA/YMail ID, most Japanese sellers won't ship internationally and payment is almost always bank transfer. I still use my ID to ask questions of sellers anyway (sometimes they do answer as best they can) but everything I've purchased from YJA has been through a shopping service.

    My favorite shopping service is Crescent-Shop.com. My first purchase through them was around 2001 and the owner Masamichi is just awesome. He's super helpful, friendly and accomodating and he is always doing his best to improve his site and services. I've bought hundreds of $$ worth of stuff off YJA with Crescent Shop (My Super Dollfie and tons of SD clothes, Unoa doll clothes, clothes for me, posters, books, toys...) with no problems whatsoever and the process is wicked easy.

    Definitely consider a shopping service if there's something you REALLY want but be sure to weigh the value of what you want carefully. It is a shopping service therefore they charge fees for buying you auction items (or store bought) plus shipping and any fees the seller tacks on in the auction (sometimes they ask buyers to pay the wire transfer fee).

    Something may be cheap on the auction block but after you calculate the service fee, shipping w/in Japan and shipping to you + any extras it can sometimes turn out to be just as pricey as an overpriced eBay auction.

    There are two other services I have worked with as well, Rinkya and Anime Chaos. I prefer Crescent Shop because their fees are more desirable and I prefer the more relaxed and friendly way they communicate with me. It is professional but still a little personal at the same time. Visit their site and browse all the FAQ's, it's well explained and they are always open to addtl. questions.

    Sorry for such a long drawn out post but there's SO MUCH cool stuff on YJA it's a shame for anyone to want it but not be able to get it right? And I always love to plug Crescent-Shop :tup:
  9. thx for the info girlcreeture! i was finally able to email the seller. i was able to find a website that can translate diff languages into english, and it seemed as if the seller is willing to ship internationally, but they never responded to my email!!

    but i found my perfect placement on eBay.... now i'm just waiting for them to respond! :shrugs:
  10. I bought it from seller Luckydeal2; I think her name is Andrea. Can you imagine, the angioletto will go like hot cake on ebay. She got lot of highly desired items. I am glad I ended up registering on there. I'll definitely post pics when I get them.

    She does have an OP ciao listed on Yahoo Taiwan with starting bid of ~$142USD and an OP dolce included in a listing of different dolce (but the starting bid says ~$3059USD???, then in the body of the description says for the op is ~$105USD).
  11. congratz on ur new purchases! dont forget to post pics...
  12. Oh yeah so you did get that angioletto i wanted to get :lol: its ok i dont really need it :roflmfao:

    I know she has the OP ciao and dolce but eek! the prices were bit higher than what she quoted me for! Oh well ..I guess I will just probably get an OP bambino from the outlet-which is cheaper :roflmfao: --idk im nutty right now..i dont totally dig the OP print, but got a stellina and a canguro in it already..so i guess i dont really need those two high priced items :push:
  13. The angioletto & caramella were above retail too, but I figure it's still much cheaper than the one on ebay. hehehe. I guess it's a relatively small price to pay for something that's pretty HTF.
  14. congrats qtiekiki!! I can't wait to see pics :yes:
  15. dont get me wrong, i know all her stuff are above retail and HTF--of course cheaper than what ebay will offer especially with the bidding wars hee hee...but I just got to convince myself I dont need those cuz I already have those styles in other prints already :nuts::lol: