I love WHITE bags!!!

  1. I have so many white handbags!! Aside from my Coach, I have a large croc Dooney satchel. Now I am not loving my pond Legacy satchel and I am thinking it looks so good in white on the website, but I already own a white Mandy. In actuality, the satchel is not at all structured in person - very slouchy and won't hold its shape. It kinda mushes over and won't stand up. Is this normal? I really don't think I can justify 2 large white Legacy bags with nearly identical hardware. Why am I not loving my pond satchel?? I think I need a therapist :confused1: (just being melodramatic) thinking about all that money I can save by returning it...
  2. no you re not crazy!! i think a white shoulder bag would look great!! they are two different bags!! the satchel is bigger and a different shape and style!
  3. i love your white hamptons and black carly!! :drool: is it hard to main the white hamptons? do you make it a point to wear white or pale-coloured shoes when you use it?
  4. i wouldn't get the white shoulder bag since you have white mandy. I would get..... white patent leather ergo hobo if you want something white!
  5. Hi there! If you dont like the pond satchel, return it! It doesnt pay to keep something you dont LOVE for that kind of money!!! I would get the white satchel if you REALLY love that one! The 2 bags look totally different anyway and you can enjoy them in different ways! I just bought the white Ali and I cant wait to use her!!! Never thought I would buy a WHITE bag b/c I have 2 kids!!! That is why I'm waiting on the Applegarde to USE HER...LOLOL Let us know what you decide!!
  6. I think white bags are gorgeous but I'm afraid to use them with small kids. Have you considered the large white ergo? It's gorgeous and they have both the regular leather and white patent leather at the outlet...

    No enabling, here...:yahoo:
  7. Honestly, if you don't love the pond, return it. It's such an investment that it's not worth keeping around.

    Get something that will make you happy. I suggest the white patent ergo. It's amazing.
  8. The pond is such a pretty color, but white goes with everything...I completely understand your
    pain. Get it if you'll use it & return the pond!?
  9. Don't keep the pond if you're not 100% in love with it. And, besides, you can never have too many white bags. Just like black is a staple in the winter, white is a basic go-with-everything bag for the summer(and even into winter sometimes). I have the white Ali and a white soho hobo and use them both ALL the time.
  10. I love white bags too!

    The majority of the bags in my collection are white
  11. I went to the outlet yesterday with my mom, and she got one of the Blue Hamptons Weekend Satchel. [so adorable!] They had it in black [wasnt a fan of] and a white with a pale yellow trim. [loved to death.] It looked so nice!! And they had it in the hobo style and..*sigh*

    Anyways. xD I was just suggesting that maybe if you wanted a tab bit of color to your white, too, then to look into a Hamptons Weekend Satchel or Hobo. ;D
  12. And, about your Pond Satchel,
    Maybe you should return it, and with the money get another bag that you know you would use more. =]
  13. I have a couple of signature bags, but other than that I prefer to stick with leather. The new vintage leather Hampton's satchel is really pretty, but only comes in dark colors. I am going to be so embarrassed to return the pond satchel bc the manager already gives me a hard time about the ONE return I made in the past. I already have 2 ergos (turquoise and red patent) so not sure I want another. I like them but I don't LOVE the ergo style for functionality reasons and would really like a satchel style because my stuff tends to stay in place in the bag. I hate fishing around in an unstructured bag.
  14. yeah, if you love white bags, the more the merrier! (I'm the same way about black myself). I also agree, return the pond satchel if you're not absolutely in gooey love with it!