i love when...

  1. ... e-Bay sellers answer your question with a *****y response and then say "thanks" at the end!

    That's my in-a-nutshell vent for the morning!
  2. Yeah, I really hate that too. You'd think that they'd try to be nice esp since they want you to purchase their product.
  3. Exactly!! Excuse me for not wanting to read the NOVEL LONG listing written in small print to search for the part that says pictures will be uploaded soon! I'll never bid on anything from her ever. :tdown:
  4. I don't understand why you wouldn't post pictures with your auction, especially with something like toki where pictures are obviously needed. So weird.
  5. Well, I skimmed through the listing and I didn't see anything posted about photos being uploaded later... so I just asked the seller if she could post photos. So that's when she was like "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]if you had read my description carefully then u should know i have stated that the pictures will be uploaded shortly. thanks!!" All she had to say was, "They'll be uploaded soon. Thanks." She just doesn't know the meaning of customer service or relations.
  6. gEEEzzzz .... i hate unnecessary rudeness! If the seller is trying to get us to BUY something... they should treat buyers with common courtesy! and especially the ones who have been MAJORLY price inflating! i'm kinda bitter against eBay- so hard to find a good deal on it lately!
  7. I don't understand a seller being mean to a potential buyer. That just makes no sense to me. Same as staff being rude to customers in a store. It makes me so mad.
  8. lol i always ask for more pics.. i think if some sellers took better pics of their items and as many as possible, their items would get sold much easier.
  9. Same here. I know that eBay requires a higher fee for more pictures, but it's not hard to have a link to additional photos, or include "email me for more pictures" in the description.
  10. Yeah I've had the same thing happen to me on eBay...some people are so rude and then they really think that we are gonna turn around and still bid on their item? Makes no sense at all.
  11. Maya, I totally know what you mean.. There's no way you deserve that rudeness, especially as a potential (well, not anymore I hope!) buyer! To me, if they act that way, they definitely don't deserve your bid, whether you win or not!! I wouldn't even want to chance bidding their stuff up to get someone else to buy it at a higher price.
    I have to say for the most part, though, I've had completely positive eBay buying experiences. The only tokidoki I bought on ebay, was inferno gioco which I got from seller hazelmei who was WONDERFUL, put extra pictures on the auction when I asked for them and answered all of my placement questions.

    In asking sellers questions without bidding, I have had Tokidoki ebay sellers be rude though, particularly 73papasmurfs or whatever that silly handle is... :push:
    He kinda gave me a similar response to the one you got, like "if you read the auction..."
  12. I totally agree. I was interested in a used pirata bella with a broken zipper last week. I asked the seller if they would send me a picture of the back of the bag to see what the print placement was or even just provide a description and they said "sure". But they ended up never sending the additional picture and description so I just let it go.
  13. Yay, I agree with all of you- I am kinda done with evilbay and pay pal too for that matter. Sellers want your money first and then...HELLO, WHERE IS MY ITEM/PRODUCT....they take their sweet a$$ time to send it to you....after charging you a damn arm and a leg for S&H.....:rant: