I love when I recognize an unrecognizable designer bag. How about you?

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  1. While out today I saw a woman wearing what I thought at first to be the D Bauletto Tod's bag until she turned around and I saw the front and realized it was undoubtedly a Ferragamo bag. I wouldn't have known the brand if I hadn't visited the store this weekend. So that's my thrill! Anyone else appreciate bags which go under the radar? :wondering
  2. I do. epscially since I am a monogram girl. I am really starting to appreciate leather bags now. I also learn a lot from fellow TPFers. I love looking at bagshowcases and learning. I know you have some nice bags Bgaholic.
  3. Me too. Especially when I'm with someone else. My family and friends think I'm a bag savant>:roflmfao:
  4. Yes, it lets me know that I have been doing my purse homework.:P
  5. Haha, yes, I want to high five strangers when I recognize and love their bags.. instead I just stare creepily. lol. For example, the other day I was standing in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of me had on the Alexander Wang Donna Hobo. I'm crazy about Wang so I wanted to say something but fought the urge. Maybe there should be a TPF charm or something we can attach to our bags so we know it's okay to compliment each other's bags in public... just a thought.. lol.
  6. I love to sit and peoplewatch - or pursewatch - and its great when I "spot one".
    This can be on a bench in the city, at an airport, buissy malls, things like that.

    I know it's shallow, but it's like an instant little spark of respect for the wearer...

  7. Hey, thats a great idea - like a kabbalah bracelet-thingy, tied to a handle, lol... Or a REALLY cute bag charm... Anyone with connections feel the urge to start an attempt to have one made?!?
  8. I totally agree! Other than the Birkin and Kelly, most Hermes bags are under the radar, which is why I love them. I've gotten several compliments on my bags but no one has identified them as Hermes.
  9. Hehe, I"m with you. I love purse watching when I"m out and about on weekends or even in Starbucks. It's fun!

    Love the idea of a PF charm!
  10. Yay, me too on the TPF bag charm!!
  11. 2 things: I did this thread because I wanted to prove a point to myself (which I already surmised), that the majority of people on this forum favor logo bags. I DO NOT mean this in a derogative way whatsoever. I found if you look at the designer forum that has the largest viewing, it usually is one whose bag has a logo on it. I, personally, love walking and shopping on Madison Avenue, NYC. There you will find women from all walks of life carrying bags you have never seen before and will not recognize nor know who the designer is. That is what I LOVE! They are wearing bags that the majority aren't. That, to me, is worth spending premier money on!
    The second thing is, I believe Megs and Vlad are looking into making PF charm key chains. It is not in the works as of yet but they are looking into it. :tpfrox:
  12. Yep, makes me feel proud. What impresses me even more though is when my husband does it! Lol, I've created a monster!