I love waking up to new goodies!

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  1. trio ipod case, cosmetic case, skinny.jpg
    I don't think I'm going to be keeping the skinny, because I'm craving a metallic one right now, but I am in love with this cosmetic case, I will always love COACH's silky fabric items. And as far as the mini case, I do have a nano, but its a very snug fit on a mini, so I'm hoping with a skin it will fit nicely and I can stick the cord for the plugs in there.

    i have contact cases on the way, maybe the skinny. no word on how crazy I'll go with the next set up.. :sweatdrop:
  2. aarti, I love the cosmetic case! It is so cute. Do they still carry those?

    I have the purse that is in that same material, satin scarf-brown, white, bllue and black.
  3. yeah i have the hobo but ur items are cute
  4. I'm with you! I love the silky fabric accessories! I think that's why I'm a sucker for the Legacy line! I have enough new goodies right now that I'm not sure which to play with first! LOL! I love your new cosmetic case, very pretty!
  5. let me know how the contact cases are- i'm in need of a new one!

    love the stuff, btw.
  6. love the beauty case and the skinny, keep it aarti
  7. everything is adorable!! congrats!!

    btw, does your nano fit in the mini case?
  8. Love the stuff!
  9. I really like the colors on that ipod case. Do you know when they came out with that?
  10. Cute cute :biggrin:
  11. I love it all! The colours are great
  12. it fits, but the circle alignment is off, so I'm not sure about buying or keeping it. But I love the way it looks! I'm not sure what year it was, I bought it from a friend tags and all.
  13. Lovely!
  14. thanks girls! and in case you were wondering, I'm about to send payment for a gold skinny, so ignore the black!
  15. The beauty case is LOVELY, glad you're getting the skinny you want.