I love Vuitton wallets!!!

  1. I have had soooo many:

    Espresso Epi Porte-Tresor
    Mono Porte Tresor
    Black Epi Koala Wallet

    and the latest:

    Damier French purse

    I am in love with this wallet. Do you use vuitton wallets? And if so, how many have you owned. And post pictures if you'd like!!! I love looking at what people have.
    walletfront.jpg walletback.jpg wallettop.jpg
  2. I had a lavender vernis ludlow at one time but it's long gone, I just could deal with the no billfold part.

    Right now I've got a:

    monogram cles
    white MC cles
    perle vernis PTI

    And here they are, my happy family ! :yes:

  3. I've only got one: mono pochette wallet (used to have an epi french purse as well but sold it because I got sick of transferring things from one wallet to another :upsidedown:).
    mono with damier.JPG
  4. mm...i was thinking should i buy matching set of purse & bag?

    will it look weird if the combination dun look matching?
  5. Wait a minute........Espresso Epi?????? Please tell me about this!!!

    I have a LV Pochette wallet too. I love it.
  6. Nice collection!
  7. I love wallets too but I only have one because I hate moving my cards, etc all the time. I have a mono zippy.
  8. i only have one. monogram french purse. :smile:
  9. i have a damier koala, a MC french purse and an older mono passport wallet, and all I use is my mono Koala agenda as my wallet.
  10. I love wallets...*cough* I have a couple I know I shouldn't have....
  11. I got the monogram compact zippe wallet, it's cute, abit fat but love the zipper and the small size, maybe that's why it's called "compact"?!
  12. They´re mighty expensive compared to the bags!! I want a zippy wallet when my ban ends.
  13. I have the zippy organizer but am still not shure if I'll keep it, it's beautiful but seems huge but I don't like the "accordion" type organisation of the zippy wallet that much, I just prefer to see my most important cards right away.
    Hope I will be able to make my mind up on thursday I will go to the shop again. (the SA had to cope with me 1hour last time, hope he doesn't recognise me):P
  14. I'm hoping to buy a black Epi Zippy Wallet when I venture to LV in January... Would really like to accompany it with a Porte-Cartes Simple, for those days when you need just the essentials.. but it's just so expensive...
  15. Just ordered a pocket organizer in mono, Looks like a nice piece when traveling lite with a few essentials