I love Vintage Chanel-Shiny Patent Brief case in jumbo quilt!

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  1. Never get a chance to post this pix :sweatdrop:, she is a vintage find, jumbo size quilting and a jumbo CC logo to match :love: Keeper? Pix taken next to cerf tote for visual reference :flowers:
    IMG_0765.JPG IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0769.JPG IMG_0764.JPG
  2. LOVE it!!! I was eyeing the matte leather version on ItalyStation earlier this week.
  3. do you have any modeling pics? it looks cute!
  4. Beautiful.....definitely a keeper. :tup:
  5. soo cute!! if only i needed a brief case t my age... :shame:
  6. I like it a lot. Vintage finds are the best!
  7. Most definitely a keeper! I'd love to see how this bag looks while being worn.
  8. Modelling pics please - looks gorgeous and in great condition!!!! Can you fit files inside?
  9. lovely!
  10. congrats, gorgeous.
  11. She's beautiful!
  12. haha, i should (24), but have to leave everything @ work for security, i'm those OL wanna be :lol:
  13. Stunning, definitely a keeper ! :yes:
  14. Very nice. I'd keep it. :tup:
  15. LOL @ "OL wannabe"! -That's how I know you are Asian. My mom always says I am an "OL" when I wear business attire, and none of my Americanized friends get it. Gorgeous briefcase, the patent looks soooo smooth and shiny! Congrats!