I love Vert Fonce so much.......

  1. That I had to get another in SGH! But I decided not to get it in City or Part-time so I got a Work instead. I'm beginning to like this size cos I have loads of books and stuff to carry around and Work is just perfect for me ;) The leather is perfect too, it's so soft. I just can't stop looking at it :lol:

    With flash and indoors

    Without flash and indoors
  2. that's like having 2 bags in one! What a wonderful color and I love it with the SGH!
  3. GORGEOUS.... cOngrats... very nice leather... so Plush and thick~!
  4. I LOVE this color, too, and that's why I just ordered a City!!! It looks so great with SGH, too! CONGRATS on such an AMAZING bag!
  5. Love the color with the silver (actually, it looks good in every hardware!) but the leather on your bag... :drool::drool::drool:
  6. :yahoo: This color is so gorgeous!!!! Congrats on your new bag.......it's absolutely stunning!!!! My VF SGH PT arrived today and I'm in :heart: with it.
  7. Congrats! I have one in RH, and yours has great leather too!
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words! This color is really stunning, it looks great in any hardware :p And the leather is phenomenal haha. I really can't stop touching it :sweatdrop:

    cracker, I can't wait to see pics of your PT!
  9. Gorgeous! It really does look like two different beautiful bags!
  10. I can't believe that it's the same bag! When I first saw it I thought of a colour change sapphire!! The leather looks unbelievable too!


    I wish you well,

  11. That's one stunning bag!!!

  12. It's beautiful!! :love: The leather's gorgeous, and the color change in different lighting is amazing...Congrats!! :yahoo:
  13. It's beautiful! I like how it looks like two totally different bags. Congratulations!
  14. YUM YUM!!!:p Congrats!!!
  15. Congrats!