I love Twilly's :) and my cat does 2

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  1. :smile: hi all, so i browse here sometimes cause all of your stuff is beautiful but i know i will never own more then twillys and scarves but thats ok they are my favorites anyway :smile:

    I just wanted to share some cute pics of my baby napolean modelling my 2 twillys ;)


    haha by this time he was clearly not having the best time :smile:

    thanks for looking at my 2 twillys :smile:
  2. We're getting a lot of scarf loving cats on this subforum lately.
  3. Thanks for sharing! your cat is so cute!
  4. Napolean is adorable! I think he looks rather proud of himself in the first pic!!
  5. LOL- your cat is adorable! Maybe he can do scarf talk with Muffin......
  6. Maybe we should keep the other cats AWAY from Muffin! Otherwise, all the cat owners would find scarf packages mysteriously appearing in their mailboxes.
  7. Adorable pics, your twillys are gorgeous
  8. Aww, cute pics! Napoleon is adorable and your twillies are so pretty! :heart:
  9. Totally cute!
  10. Sassy cat!:smile:
  11. So cute, he looks very proud of himself.
    Nice twilly's too.
  12. I love your twillys. especially the fist one....:p
  13. You have a very good kitty! Mine would be dragging the Twillys through the barn!

    "Twilly" is a cute cat name, no?
  14. Yay, another modelling kitty :yahoo: I love both the twillies and the kitty and my little cat sends her greetings too (she's sleeping next to me) :love:
  15. You're cat definitely has an Hermes-tude going on; he's very royal.