I love TOKI!!!

  1. I don't care how old I am!!!:wtf: Here's my stellina amore bought in Honolulu in May... I love her:heart::yes::wlae:
    Post Stellina Amore.jpg
  2. You're never too old for tokidoki, Veronika! :biggrin: L'Amore is awesome, no?
    And.. Is that a piggy in your signature, or am I insane? I :heart:pigs
  3. I'm 43 and I'm definitely NOT too old for Toki either!!!! Your stellina is adorable! L'Amore was the first print that I ever got and started it all.........

    BTW - is that a pet pig? What a cutie!!!!!
  4. awwwww....thanks tachhikomatic and greenbird! Greenbird, I adore your avatar! hawt! Tachi... L'amour is to die for,,, it was so summery and hawaii, like candy I totally fell... got two... I have 3 tokis... I'm gonna post them, I love them sooo much! So worry free compared to LV.... I'm an artist so the art factor with them is huge for me... and just turned 49... greenbird I could only say it cause you were so brave to tell me...haha, and yes, that's my pet pig, but I just had to find him a new home due to a city violation... he's gone to a really good place, and I'm going to visit this weekend.... ciao bellas!