I love to see men pay at the counter...

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  1. I went to Ontario Mills today despite knowing there are no new FP deletes. I was surprised to see a long line paying eventhough it is a weekday.

    Something quite different from normal times I visited... there are more men spotted. One handbag, one wallet or a combination waiting to pay. I guess we all know why this is happening. LOL

    I am pleasantly surprised these men have good taste. ^_^
  2. ur so funny :P
  3. Hehe. At Prime in Orlando I usually see men in the line waiting to pay while the ladies they're with continue looking around and bringing more items to them. Poor fellas.....LMAO
  4. wow boys, way to wait until the last minute! :P
    though their women are getting some nice goodies! ;)
  5. HA-HA-HA is all I have to say!!! My husband (when buying me Coach) takes me to the Coach counter at Dillards or Von Maur, stands around looking impatient and uncomfortable and just pulls out the cash after I've made my decisions.

    He would NOT ever go into a Coach store by himself, but he's more then happy to run to the pharmacy and snag my "female" products. Hmmmm...is Coach more embarrassing then tampons?! LMAO
  6. I would never trust my boyf to pick out a bag on his own but I would definitely let him stand in line for me and pay! He would probably not even be able to distinguish which bag I liked if I had told him previously he is so not into bags so I would have to go with him and select it first!
  7. My hubby doesnt have a issue buying me Coach. He will go to the PX, and buy stuff. Or when we were in the states last time, we went to a mall (ahhhhhhhhh!! i miss malls) and he was like, lets go to the Coach store. he is amazing
  8. I was at Leesburg yesterday (during the Big Dig from Snotorious B.I.G. here in the mid-Atlantic) and there was barely a soul in there. Then this dude comes in with his daughter and he was looking around, picking things up, talking to SAs about stock, etc. It was beyond cute. Totally V-Day shopping (and the daughter was helping). He ended up with a HS convertible hobo in khaki/pink.

    Good deal, husband-guy!
  9. I think that is so sweet! With holidays and presents my husband has gotten to the point where he asks me want I want, I tell him, and he lovingly obliges. I can live with this, lol, but now I am super curious to see what would happen if I just sent him out on his own. I have gotten so used to just telling him what I'd like (because obviously it's always a win-win that way), but now I want to experiment! I already told him what I wanted for my birthday and got that early. lol :smile: :sad: Maybe for our anniversary this fall, I will just give him a genre and let him roll on his own! I could totally regret this, but hey that's what gift receipts are for, right?!
  10. I thought you were going to say you love seeing them pay... AS THEY CRY THEIR EYES OUT BECAUSE OF THE COST :P
  11. ^Even better story, mine will go get tampons because we don't call them that... we call them "bullets" so I'll be like "get me a green pack or yellow pack of bullets please" :smile:

    or he'll be like "are you out of bullets?"
  12. lol, then watch me the next time i go shopping!

  13. Ha ha! when i'm shoe shopping and have to try the shoes on, I will NOT sit my bag down ANYWHERE for the fear of it getting dirty, so I always ask my DH to hold it for me! He holds it with his forefinger and thumb like it's infected, and I say to him, "you should be proud to hold a 400$ purse!!!" he just looks at me in disbelief! lmao!!
  14. I can't even get my husband to set foot in a Coach outlet anymore! Once we got stuck in some pretty bad traffic on I-15 near Barstow and I persuaded him to let me visit the Coach outlet during our break from driving. That place was INSANE! I had never been to an outlet store before, but there were so many people that there was an actual line outside the store of folks waiting to get in (store could allow too many people in due to fire safety regulations).
  15. My husband pulls the same maneuver, as if a clear indicator that the bag in question is NOT his. He holds it as far away from his body as possible, and in such a manner to look visibly uncomfortable with its presence, as if it were a poopy diaper.