i love tj maxx.

  1. so ive been having a pretty tough week, and my mom decided to take me shopping, and of course i just had to stop by tjs. i was nosing around the purse section, and another girl looks at a purse right next to me, the white and gold siggy duffle! :yahoo: when she put it down i grabbed it. and then i was walking around and i found a coach cell lanyard, for 10 bucks. and of course i had to get that. well im off to boston, but ill post some piccies later =]
  2. Great finds I love the white and gold sig duffle.
    Can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. awesome! I love Tjs.
  4. me and my mother are HUGE tj maxx lovers. there're two in our area and we go to both regularly to scope out the merchandise :p but on one of my trips a few months ago i was appalled to see a fake coach bag!!! :cursing:

    i've always thought tj maxx was extremely reliable and have bought tons of miscellenious bags there, but this coach was most definitely a fake-the leather was thin and looked like it was made out of plastic, and the tag had these weird chinese markings and stickers with chinese writings on them :confused1::confused1:-i was horrified and took it to my mother to show her that it was fake just to make sure she doesn't buy it on one of her solo trips, since she loves bags but doesn't know too too much about them.
  5. I too love browsing around in TJ & also Marshalls. I have come close to buying a couple bags there but I haven't actually done so yet. Congrats on your finds! I've actually seen the gold/white duffle there in the past-I wish I could find a cell phone lanyard for $10!
  6. Wow, I really haven't looked in TJ's or Marshall's at all for any Coach stuff. We have both close by--right next to eachother actually. I need to go, maybe I'll find something that strikes my fancy!
  7. You have to check them over carefully! People buy the real ones and then return fake ones. The employees at TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. -- they don't check to make sure it's a real bag coming back. They just stick it back on the shelves!
  8. Congrats, I love that bag. I never find any Coach at my TJMaxx and they closed the Marshalls closest to my house. :sad:
  9. Congrats on your find at TJM. I've been eyeing the same one at Stein Mart. They have it for $189. I keep telling myself if it's there next weekend...
  10. Please post pics as soon as you can. I have looked at bags at both TjMaxx and Marshalls but I have never found anything that I really like.
  11. Wow a lanyard for $10?! Congrats
  12. wow.. congratz!! show pics soon :heart: 10 bucks for a lanyard, what a steal!!!
  13. I just got a great deal at TJ Maxx myself today. I was shopping with my mom and convinced her to go there and after digging around I fell in love with a couple of Coach purses I saw. My mom saw the look I had and bought me this one. I don't know what it is called because it was missing the coach price tag but I've seen it on this forum. I think I might go back and get the other one I saw which was a small hand held purse that had crystals on the buckle in front. I can't remember what it is called but it came in black and silver (i'll go and try and find it).
    Oh and my mom fell in love with a D&B red leather purse and is so excited about it.
  14. Oh, the small purse I saw was called the satin frame satchel I think. They had black and 1 silver for $129 I think. I'm trying to find a good enough reason (special occasion) to go back and get the silver one.
  15. i want some coach shoes! heard tj's has em; are they any good? could someone post some pictures of them? that would be greatly appreciated! :smile: