I love this!!!

  1. I didn't know they were going to come in red? I am so getting one!!

  2. It´s gorgeous!
  3. I know! I wish I knew about ALL the colors beforehand to make a wise decision. LOL!
  4. What is it? Won't load for me.
  5. red seems to be the new color for LV
  6. i love it, too!
  7. Ok, got it! I saw this is the look book, I still like the mc better :smile:
  8. ohh, anyone got a price one that? 350?
  9. The red is super cute! And I love the white, just great for summer on an Azur piece!
  10. So cute!!! I wonder why the pic takes so long to load?
  11. they come in red,white and framboise. i think they are cute.
  12. I had no idea they were doing red either.. wow.. love it.. def the year for red!
  13. I was wondering the same thing!
  14. It's lovely
  15. super gorgeous! i LVOE red!