I love this

  1. Yes, they are really pretty but useless!:nuts:
  2. Lol I know..I love the butterfly one. But they really serve no purpose other than to look cute..and I like to USE my stuff.
  3. Too cute!!! :love:
  4. sooo cute!
  5. cute but useless..
  6. So cute, there is one aviliable on let-trade at the moment, but what exactly are the used for lol!
    I have to agree with every1 else...............useless!
  7. Love it
  8. Oh I love them! I love the conte de fees-line, I wish I was more into LV and had more money while you could actually get them :sad:
  9. blah! They're like my old tropical fish (they died)... Pretty to look at, but absolutely useless lol.
  10. lol, useless, but if one had enough money, difinitely go for it and keep at home just for collection!
  11. cute.. but only for collection
  12. Cute!
  13. Cute but u wont use it so its not worth it LoL