I love this

  1. [​IMG]

    do you like?kiss sissi
  2. yes. i was considering buying it but i like shoulder totes! lol.
  3. ok kiss sissi
  4. Cute, but not sure if I'm loving the gg plus fabric.
  5. I started a thread about this a few weeks ago. I LOVE IT! I ordered the white one and it was the bigger size....it was way toooooo big..it looked like luggage. So I sent it back and got the smaller one in the beige/pewter combo. Its a little biger than a speedy 30. Very cute bag and you can not beat the price.
  6. Ah, that's good to know! I was always picturing the smaller version of that around the size of the 30 or even smaller, I didn't realize it was a bit bigger.
  7. Cute.
  8. cute
  9. Not a huge fan of the canvas..... but this is a REALLY big bag!! Have you held it yet?
  10. The large is big..the medium is really just a tad bigger than the speedy 30. Perfect size!
  11. [​IMG] pic of Selenas next to her Mirage
  12. it's a cute bag but im a HOBO girl....
    OMG but the MIRAGE is soooo PURRRRTY!!! :love: loves... :heart:
  13. I tried the white one on in the store and I thought it was so cute!
  14. Good pics Sunshine!!:heart:
  15. OH CUTE :p

    You've great taste Sunshine! I just ordered the Gucci boston ;)