i love this

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  1. i think she may be my favorite hermes model yet!
    (from apartment therapy)
    trying out the merchandise_small.jpg
  2. She looks great with her Evelyne!! :nuts:
  3. should i put her in the stars & hermes thread? or socialites? lol
  4. Cute...looks new too!
  5. Begging that lady's pardon but I never actually considered being buried with my bag until now but now it seems like a good idea! Looks like a French 'puce' market.
  6. That is fabulous!
  7. GREAT pic!!!:love:
  8. I LOVE this too!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!
  9. here's to each of us, in X years. ;) :drinks:
  10. Great pic!
  11. what a great picture! again hermes proves me wrong.
    evelyn is not just for younger crowds. just like bolide *cough* is NOT an old lady's bag. (yea..I used to think that way..*hides*)
  12. love her!!!!!
  13. love it. Makes me think of the Evelyn in whole new way!
  14. i think hermes has a wide variety of styles in order to appeal to the widest range of ages. i think when they make an unlined bag, they are considering that this makes it considerably lighter than a bag with more leather in the construction. and the wide strap makes this very comfortable. the easy access is also handy if you have arthritis. looking forward to an evelyne or a christine (if the christine had a wider strap, it would be a cinch to pick it) far far down the road.
    style-wise, i think all of their bags are pretty flexible in terms of age-appropriate. it's really more a matter of style than age. the color of the evelyne looks so terrific on her. just love it.
  15. VERY CUTE PICTURE!! Thanks HH for the pic!!

    LOVE IT! and LOVE THE EVELYNE!:heart: