I love this Tattersall but what is it called?

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  1. Hey girls! I have a shipment coming in and received an email confimation with picture of this Tattersall purse but I have no idea where to find it. Does anybody have a clue what the style number is or has seen it anywhere? She's a beauty!

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  2. Looks like a Hamptons Carryall to me.

  3. I found this in another thread:

    "The name is Hamptons suede plaid carryall #11082 retail $598 14Lx10Hx5W"
  4. Yeah, doesn't LisaLisa have this bag??? I think I remember someone posting about it recently.
  5. Thanks! Your the best :tup:
  6. Anyone know where I could get this bag? I can't find it anywhere. :sad:
  7. Make sure you know how dirty it will get.