I Love This Site!

  1. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone! This is the place where I feel understood! I love handbags, and not everyone around me understands that, (family, friends etc.) I get critized by family, specially sister in law for buying pricey bags, but hey thats what I love! When I ask for advice on which one to buy everyone just asks, "do you really need another one?" So now when I feel I need advice, I go here! Where my love for handbags is shared! Thanks to everyone! :biggrin:
  2. welcome, we're all addicts here!
  3. Oh, I can totally understand how you feel..! I love it here too...
  4. Welcome to the forum.
  5. I can completely relate. I spend way too much time on my butt in front of the computer since I found this place and have also bought 2 bags in the short time I've been here but I :love: it!

  6. Me too, but isn't it sooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  7. Welcome to the PF!!! I am so addicted, its insane! I just got my 3000th post without even knowing it because I was obsessing over whatelse, but a handbag! LOL!
  8. >>Me too, but isn't it sooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!:yes:

    Absolutely, I'm loving this forum! My husband just stares at me with a blank look on his face when I talk about bags. I'm thrilled to finally find people who get it :biggrin:

  9. This is my favorite spot for the day. I check email and come to purseforum - its like brushing teeth :smile:
  10. yuo're welcome!!!!
    it's nice we all have something in common!!!:yes::biggrin: