I Love This Poppy Bag...

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  1. Where can I find it? Will it be (or is it?) at the outlets? I didn't see it online anymore and the store I was in last night didn't have it, either. They were pretty busy so I didn't talk to the SA. I can't decide between the black signature or black leather (which is still online) but was leaning towards the signature. Does anyone have it? Do you like it?

    Picture borrowed from Ebay
  2. It's already at the outlets
  3. yup! i've seen TONS of them at the outlet!
  4. Thanks so much! I just called the outlet that is an hour away and put one on hold. I hope I can make it there before the hold releases. I have to to work tomorrow and have class all day on Sat. I want this darn bag, I have been eyeing it since I first saw it around Christmas!
  5. Good luck! Hope you can get it!
  6. awesome good for you!

  7. cool be carefull...i would get it in patent to avoid the strap issue..im not sure does it have the same painted straps black over silver..as the signature glam tote
  8. I also saw this at the outlet a couples weeks ago! So hopefully you can find it. There is nothing better than finally getting a bag you have been dreaming about getting!
  9. Its really cute! GL finding it at an awesome price!
  10. Oh no...what problems? I don't care for the patent leather, really, if I go with leather, I'll go with the soft leather I, which I don't think is at the outlet yet, is it? I may have to wait until it is if this one doesn't look like it will hold up.