I love this place, but damn, you guys are killing me!!

  1. ...but in a good way! :graucho:

    I'm just curious how many things you guys have purchased since joining tpf. Because I've been here for only a month and I've already bought 6 LV pieces (2 bags and 4 accessories) and 2 Chanel pieces (one bag, one accessory). And mind you, that's what I normally buy in a two-year time span. And these were items that were easier on my wallet (a couple of LV, but mostly Coach).

    You guys are such a bunch of enablers, and my beautiful bags are carrying less $$, but I love you anyway!! :p
  2. Oh yeah, and I'm officially on a purse-buying ban until the end of the year! My damier speedy will have to wait for me!
  3. Purse ban, ok.;) I said the same thing at the beginning of March and I just purchased a Damier Azur Speedy 25. Good luck with your ban
  4. I agree... I have bought 3 LV pieces(1 bag, 2 bandeaus) since I joined in Feb :yes: which I probably wouldn't have bought but I love em and since joining I have become really selctive about my purchases!
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh i know what you mean!!!!! ever since tPF, i've gotten 4 bags and 3 accessories! :push: although i love the support and enabling, my wallet and bank account doesn't appreciate it. nevertheless, i love you all here for being so inspiring!! :heart::tender:

    i can't even go near the word b-a-n because i know i won't make it. haha.
  6. I agree this forum got me started again-I hadn't purchased any LV in over a year-a lot of Gucci though. Since joining here 2 bags, agenda, wallet and Cles and counting. Wife loves you all!
  7. since i'm on the TPF i bought almost my entire collection LOL!!!

    you are too dangerous!!! but love you all!:heart::yahoo:
  8. I think I've calmed down since I joined tPF. I bought waaay more before, now I'm taking it slow. But, I think that my buying habits are directly affected by the prices of the bags that I want now, before it was Mono or MC now it's LE/Limited Run, Suhali, etc.
  9. I feel the same way, too.....maybe we should ban ourselves from TPF, not "Purse Ban". As long as I visit TPF, there's always going to be a bag or two I need to buy.
  10. I'm not even gonna count it's too scary!
  11. I don't think I can ban myself from here. It's like I'm itching to get on the forum when I have free time. DH is like "are you on the friggin' computer again?!?"
  12. Ha! I already broke my ban the first time. I banned myself after I got the BV a week ago, then I bought a Chanel bag today.
  13. ^:lol: And I thought I was bad.
  14. since joinging I would say I have purchased over 15 bags. Since Jan of this year, I have purchsed 6 new LV's alone and the year is just getting started.
  15. Before finding tpf, I didn't own any LV, but I always used to browse elux and the LV website. Then I found tpf in January, and couldn't stop reading - every free second I had - didn't want to miss anything! I've learned so much from everyone here, and thanks to all the info and enabling, I now have 4 bags, 4 pouchettes, and 3 accessories! And thanks to ichelle, I'm now feeling the need for a pomme agenda!