i love this outfit...

  1. you know i really admire Mischa Barton's sense of style....i came across this pic of her at the 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2' premiere in London and i thought she looks absolutely stunning!!!:tender: :tender:
    Just wanted to share....:supacool:

  2. Ooh, that is lovely! Beautiful color. I wonder who makes it? I wish my legs looked that lovely...sigh.
  3. Love it too !! great colour. :heart:
  4. Great shoes, and colour, but the top is just not my kind of thing. She's so pretty that she could probably make a potato sack seem appealing !
  5. ^haha:biggrin:
    that's not my kind of dress too, obviously!but i think in a great occasion it's just beautiful and i love the shoes too!!!!
    look at this photo:
    it doesn't seem to be very easy to wear....it reminds me of Marylin Monroe...:biggrin:
  6. Cute dress, a little juvenile for my taste
  7. I never thought she was beautiful before. But I have to say she looks gorgeous here.

    Is it Chloe?
  8. i love the color and the shoes but i dont like the top of the dress and i'm not really a big fan of hers
  9. CUte! Very young and fresh
  10. not a big fan of her. but its a pretty color but not the right fit for her. its way too short. it would have been beautiful at knee length .
  11. I think she's got the cutest smile....and she always seems to be flashing a friendly smile at the cameras....it doesn't look "put on" like a lot of celebrities. :cutesy:
  12. Very youthful
  13. I really love that dress and the color.