"I love this forum!!!!"

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  1. ^Yep - that's me too. No reason to ever leave the room. I can cook, watch TeeVee, talk on the phone (to Susie ABOUT TPF) and PF all the time. It is dangerous when DH leaves for work in the am and comes home with me rooted in the same spot. The only saving grace is that I occasionally am wearing different clothes.
  2. :yes:Sounds like we're all commonly afflicted by TPF syndrome. I turn the computer on as soon as I get up to see what my chums in the US have been chatting about while I've been asleep. If I have time (and anything to contribute), I'll start pitching in with my thoughts & comments before I do anything else in the morning (like making breakfast for the kids...I really am 'Mother of The Year' material aren't I :shame: :rolleyes: :nogood: ?).

    If I haven't got anything much to do, I can waste hours browsing our forum and some of the others...then when there's nothing left to read I'll move on to eBay...and then check out some other shopping sites..and so it goes on.

    If I'm going out, I'll check back on TPF as soon as I get home again. DH & I race each other to the computer. He says that he has to get in first because once I log on to TPF there's no chance of him getting back on the computer for the rest of the evening, which isn't an exaggeration actually :shame:.I also check the site one final time before bed, sometimes with DH snoring in the background :lol:.

    It's strange to think that there was a time when TPF wasn't a part of my life - it wasn't that long ago actually (I think I joined in December after prowling around for a couple of months beforehand). I can't imagine what I used to do with the spare time that's now taken up with TPF :confused1:. As to whether this is a healthy addiction I'm not sure, but I have no desire to go cold turkey for the forseeable future...the Chloe club is too much fun to give up without a really good reason :smile:.
  3. Hi everybody,
    I was away for a week so I missed the news on this forum! Actually it was nice, because I was on a skiing holiday, which was great, but now I am happily back to this forum reading through the news, the funny stories and notes, drooling over new pics...:wlae:
    I agree, it is a lot of fun here! I really enjoy sharing this crazy love for bags (which is quite new and nobody in my family really understands...)!:tup:
    But it is also a little worrying about how much time I spent on here and how really really addictive this is. As I sit on the computer anyway to write on my film script, I go back to the forum really really often.... I also noticed my husband getting jealous...:rolleyes:
    But you know what? Reading about how everyone else here feels and acts similarly makes me chuckle and worry less....:yahoo:
    By the way, as I've been only to the Chloé forum, and I really do think that the ladies (and the every odd guy appearing here and there:graucho:) are extraordinarily witty and friendly, I was wondering if it was similar on the other brand forums...
  4. same here..My laptop is situated infront of my TV, so I am multi-tasking. When DH asked what I am doing on computer, I tell him: "Hmmm, I am researching, have a paper to write, you know...":roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. :yes: We are... I hope in a good way!!
    "AGAIN?!!" is also my BF's favourite reaction.....
  6. I told my bf I signed up to a forum where we discuss bags and I said I really like this forum and he said "You must have been bored":lol: At some other point it also came up to discussion(that is when forum is on the mind while offline:upsidedown::lol:) and he just said he wont be joining. I like this forum though. I enjoy reading peoples posts and that there are other people out there like me who plan bags purchases and have to go on bans. Also because of this forum I found a bag I wanted on sale on a site I didnt know exsisted before joining:biggrin:
  7. this forum is fab, esp this chloe part, evryone is great here and really friendly. i have been trying to get involved in the mulberry forum as i love them to, but while some of them are lovely some are not as nice and helpful as you guys, so ive come back to where i first started on this forum and feel much happier and at home.
  8. ^:love:
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