"I love this forum!!!!"

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  1. Hi, everyone. I just had to say it " I :heart: this forum"
    Sorry if this sounds :nuts: But it really makes my day, coming on here seeing everyones TDF bags.
    I love searching on Ebay for the one:tup: Paddy. And asking the experts for there help.
    On the ATC. You know who you all are. saz123, Lescoy, i_wona.
    Just wanted to say A massive THANK YOU:flowers: to you all.
  2. I agree completely!
    I am searching for my first paddy and everyone on the ATC thread has been amazing.
  3. We're the fun forum!:lol: Lots of laughs and bantering! Don't get me wrong, we take our purse buying seriously it's just that we like to party while we're doing it!:welcome::rochard:

    Welcome aboard matee!!
  4. ITA! Everyone on the ATC is very friendly and helpful. It really warms my heart to read that thread because the ladies who regularly post there are so very nice and selfless!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  5. you said it:yahoo: i live SOOOO rurally and no one knows or cares about a great bag except maybe my hair dresser;) luckily i get to NYC several times a year and not only show off my bags but see everyone elses!

    I love my bags like I use to love my dolls and they make me feel so good and they are beautiful to look at- like art.

    I'm up to several premier designer bags but I think my all time fave is my YSL patent quilted downtown but a close second is my Gucci green aligator:jammin:. OH it is fun to talk about them with all of you that undestand the PASSION:tup:

  6. Most definitely and this line couldn't have summed it up more...I love my bags like I use to love my dolls and they make me feel so good
  7. You guys on the chloe forum have been the best. I only joined a few months ago and have made some great purchases with your help.

    All of you are so helpful, chatty and fun - it's been a pleasure. I'm hooked to the bags of course, but also seeing what's going on in this corner of the forum!
  8. I have to admit that I love it here a little too much. It is like I hardly have any time left to do anything else! Even important stuff like SHOPPING! My butt is starting to atrophe from sitting all day at the kitchen counter where the laptop is perched. And when DH comes home after a hard day at the office and finds me once again logged on to TPF he starts questioning my sanity. "AGAIN"??? And of course it is a vicious circle. The more I am on here, the more bags and get and the more I want to talk about them and learn about the sales which makes me come here more and on and on! ANybody else starting to feel like we are crazy? - in a good way?
  9. OMG, sounds like me.........
  10. OMG, I TOTALLY agree.....my back and hips started to hurt and I think my DH is actually getting jealous of the computer and TPF not to mention how speechles he's become over my crazy bag buying (and selling) habits that have increased crazily over the past year....

    WHAT can possibly make us stop???? I can't think of anything....
    TPF is way to addictive and I love hanging out with my chloe gals:flowers:
  11. I am making conscious efforts to stay away, oh oh here comes DH to peer around the corner!!
  12. I wonder what it's like to a purse widower? I shall ask my DH, he he.
  13. It is the first thing I do every day. The last thing I check at night. DH didn't want me to take the laptop on the trip since he thought I needed a complete break. HA! Purses were on my mind the whole time!!! And just think of the numbers of us on the whole Purse Forum. We are just the relatively few Chloe girls. Factor in the Bbag and Hermes and Chanel and LV crowd and wooWEE - if we could only harness that energy! Hey - I guess Vlad and Meg already have!
  14. I love this subforum as well... It is so friendly/chirpy:yes: and special...
    I check the posts first thing in the morning, at midday and late at night... Browsing the site prevents me from doing paid work, which is very bad both for my domestic economy and future bag purchases...:Push:
    The last 18 months have been very hard for me from an emotional point of view :crybaby:, and I am so glad I found the forum in September to keep me busy with happier thoughts and have something to look forward to everyday..:flowers:.
    Having said that, my bank balance was better off when I was oblivious to tPF and ebay...:graucho:
  15. Ok, ditto, ditto, ditto.........I'm also trying to stay away, but it's like metal drawn to a magnet....it's not happening!! Agree, it's one of the first things I do in the a.m. and one of the last in the p.m. If I could log in the hours (with pay) I spend on my laptop, I'd be rich. Guess I'm just afraid I'll miss some great sale or some up to the minute news on a bag. I actually find myself 'sneaking' on the purse forum while checking my e-mails and my business website (keeping that tab open). My laptop is on the kitchen bar, which opens to the family room, so I can watch TV, cook, and socialize while on the computer......OMG, I am obsessed!!.........LOL
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