I love this FORUM!! Showing off a lil ....

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  1. :heart: Ohh.. I love this forum! So many like minded peeps here ... who are all in love with Tokidokis! :tup:

    I've been a lurker for sometime, had only one Ciao in my collection, that was way back when they first came out and bought it on impulse. Anyway, after reading all these threads and getting all hyped up, I went to my local Macy's today and bought myself a brand new Campeggio in L'Amore! Haha .. thanks for the motivation ya'll! :yahoo:

    Take a look and let me know what you think ;



    And here's my very first Ciao!


    I am shopping for a Zucca next week. I saw a lot of Piratas print left @ Macy's but none of the others. I don't really fancy a Pirata since the Zucca is the style I am really in love with. Hoping to get the Spiaggia from Bloomingdales! I was also hoping for either a Citta Rosa or Paradiso. Will go hunting online later .. wish me luck! :P
  2. Good luck! I have a Spiaggia zucca and denaro and they're my favorites of my collection!!
  3. congrats, your ciao is gorgeous.. original is my favorite print, and we all seem to enable each other to get things we *cough* dont need!!

    Welcome to the purse forum and good luck not buying everything in sight!! :biggrin:
  4. I love your Ciao!!!!
  5. love your ciao that is the one thing i'd love to have a ciao in, original!
  6. :smile: Thanks! I was too **STUPID** to have used my CIAO in a way that a TOKIDOKI lover would never do! :sad: I read in some thread that one of you bought an original Ciao off eBay for cheap so you can use it. I feel the same about mine too. Too bad it's too late now. I am scared to wash it, there are some spots here and there, not really bad, but still ... any ideas how to safely get rid of dark spots?
  7. i LOVE your ciao and campeggio! so pretty! and welcome to the forum!
  8. i'd love to have an original ciao!
  9. you know that you needed a paradiso trenino :graucho:
  10. my amore campeggio has a adios&ciaociao on it a lot too, but yours has more bastardino&polpettina. !so jealous. and my ciao is the opposite because the print is all on the inside. your bags are pretty. &welcome. :smile:
  11. haha those looks awesome! Congrats :biggrin: this site definitely gets you hyped to buy more
  12. Welcome ex-lurker, welcome to our addiction! Your lamore campeggio is beautiful (I have one too and lamore it!) and your ciao is great!
  13. Love them!! Especially the campeggio because it has lots of Adios & Ciao Ciao!!
  14. Nice Pirata zucca!! I would definitely love to have a Pirata zucca and denaro, if it was a good placement at a great price!!