I love this forum!!! <3 U

  1. Wow, I love this forum!

    I have not seen ONE flame war here in my (short) time.

    I like the people, in fact I like you more than I like most forum members. There was one incident when Coach people stole an item from me, sort of, but oh well. They don't know me yet, and they kind of ignored me as the OP.

    And I really love the Chloe' gals, so amusing, all so crazy! LOL.

    And I should have the attitude that this is competition against my blog, according to some people, but I can't feel that way.

    I hope that when I build up my forums (starting my first fashion-related one and first one in YEARS) that I love it/them as I love it here!

    Oh and one last thing, I can also be anonymous from my eBay ID from fraudulent reporters. I'm so burned as an eBay seller from fraudulent reporters and I'm so upset that I don't want to go to that forum right now. :crybaby:

    I even love the smilies! LOLOL.

    And hi to those I haven't met!
  2. Love this forum too!
  3. Ella, glad you are here and posting more- we are really happy to have other bloggers around!!!

    This forum has grown a ton, but the people are amazing- there is a great sense of family and community here :heart:

    Love ya'll!!! And welcome Ella!!!
  4. I love it here too.:love: