I love this Diane Von Furstenberg top

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  1. Did you try doing a saved search on ebay? That way they'll send you updates when there are hits that match your criteria. It's a nice feature.
  2. Oh, I had no idea you could do that! Thanks for the tip!
  3. No prob. But be careful - it can be a dangerous feature. You'll basically find everything you've ever wanted eventually. Ebay and I have a bittersweet relationship. :smile:
  4. Do you now the style name? I will search for you if you can get a style name. I belong to a fashion board and the girls over there might know where you can find it if I give the name of the style to them.
  5. I was trying to find either the style name or number but to no avail. I tried a bunch of google searches. Hope you girls have more luck. It's a cute top. Let me know if you find two! haha
  6. Hey,
    I just bought this top a few weeks ago. The top is called nina and the color is goya blue. hope this helps. :smile:
  7. akicowi - thanks for the help, do you mind telling me where you got it =)
  8. I love how DVF drapes. So sexy and slimming for a womans body. I have like 5 of her wrap dresses because with a pair of Spanx, they make you look 10 pounds lighter.

  9. Hey I got it at gilt.com. It's like this online sample sale site.
  10. You can try calling their outlet location(s)? I know there is one at Woodbury in NY. I was there during Easter but don't think I saw that top there ...