I Love this color!!! Me want!!!

  1. Bare with me, I am new to the MJ world, but I just saw this bag on the MJ website and fell in love with this color!!! It's so pretty!!

    What do you guys think??

  2. Yay:tup:There is also a post about a pink zipclutch that looks gorgeous
  3. I think it's fabulous, I really want to see it IRL.
  4. I'd like to see it in real life too!
  5. I LOVE this, too. So funky-cool. I would want to see this IRL before I bought it, but I think I am going to LOVE it.
  6. Wow, that really is bright! I think this fits the term "fluo pink" better, but I prefer the colour in the pic from the MJ site...
  7. I still love it. It is very bright, but kind of crazy. I do like the nylon strap with that color. It makes it more of a casual bag. I would still have to see this in person, but it could be a really cool addition to a collection. Will have to wait and see before giving it a thumbs up or down. I am also wondering if that trim on the top of the stam is black or brown leather. I am hoping black. If it is black, and if you have a black stam, you could use the black stam's chain with this bag to make it more versatile. I just took a look on the site and that trim looks more brown than black. That is weird. I don't know how I feel about that.
  8. I think it's an amazing color too, but I also want to see it IRL. Any idea when it's supposed to start showing up in the department stores?
  9. the colors on the mj website are always misleading. i've seen the fluo pink zc/bag irl and it's bright. :supacool: it's a really fun color though. although a zc is considerably smaller than a stam. my vision could go awry if i stared at that bag for too long!
  10. :p^^
  11. cute, that is one bright bag!
  12. Wow, so is the color IRL closer to the neon or the pink in the first link? the neon IS bright! Has MJ released Neon bags before? just wonderin... :cool:
  13. i love that bag. i wouldve liked a chain more though. i had to pick a bag to buy full retail id get the pink stam.
  14. Really wild!! Like to see it IRL!!