I love this bag!

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  1. I love this bag in silver/blue.


    But I never carry anything but neutral bags, so I'm not sure whether to get this bag or not. Would this bag go with everything, or with just jeans or what?
  2. That's a great bag! I'm personally carrying the lilac suede beaded signature tote this winter....that's neutral to me. It's all a matter of preference. Some ladies only carry a red purse. It does come in black and brown as well.
  3. That bag is sooo cute and I think it will go with more than you think. This summer it would look really cute with summer dresses and such.
  4. I have never matched my bags to my outfits unless it was a wedding or black tie event. I use my black, whiskey and blue bags with everything, even if it dosen't match.....
    Really nice bag, I think it will go with most anything..
  5. Love the color of it! I am planning to buy the hobo.
  6. That bag is cute and the color is GORGEOUS!

    I wanted to buy the Soho Sig Large Hobo in that color but I went with the black instead. I still want something in that color, though!

    It looks so fresh and clean!
  7. ha ha... me too! You could never go wrong with a hobo.
  8. I like the hobo also, but I already have 2 hobos and wanted a different style of bag. I only liked the blue in this style, I already have plenty of black and brown bags. I want something different, I'm just afraid I'd be wasting my money and would never end up carrying this bag. Maybe I should just wait a month then this bag will disappear from the Coach website and I won't think about it anymore!
  9. The hobo styles are one of my favorite. They fit things so perfectly:smile: ....Go for it I think it's a great color for spring & summer!
  10. I like it.
  11. I would say that bag is pretty neutral and you could carry it while wearing most anything.

    Unlike my beautiful green bags that I cannot carrying while wearing my green North Face denali. They clash HORRIBLY. hehehe...I don't know WHAT possessed me to buy a grass green fleece...but I love it!
  12. I love that bag and the soft blue color!
  13. I love this too and have been thinking of purchasing the leather version next.
  14. That bag is too cute - I think it's great for spring/summer. Who am I kidding, I'd carry it whenever.
  15. I love this color as well. I think it's a great Spring color and will go well with any pair of jeans. Go for it!