I love this bag!

  1. It's not my style but I can appreciate the workmanship.
  2. I like that first one
  3. Wow! That is beautiful work!
    I've been looking at more non-brand things, too.
  4. Same here :smile:
  5. the bag is way to busy for me
  6. Exceptionable leather work. It's so nice to find something unique that you love (I like the plaited and turquoise saddlebag best).

    I have a 1950s Mexican tooled-leather bag, the whole bag is so beautifully made. I know these were popular and plentiful at one time but they are very undervalued.
  7. I hear ya on the too busy. I couldn't get past the incredible workmanship, though.
    Just stunning.
  8. The sunflower bag is pretty.