i love this bag!!!

  1. shop-dior.jpg

    what do you all think of it?
  2. That bag is so awesome. :woohoo:

    It's making me want a red bag even though I don't need one.:graucho:

    I should be good...
  3. Fun, young, and unique. Adorable in person.

    But a little too trendy for me. Although I can see it being a good vintage piece...
  4. It's gorgeous!
  5. its huge! I seen this on the dior store and I only liked it in the pochette size.
  6. looks really nice!
    sure to brighten up any outfit!
  7. I saw it in the store...personally not a fan. The ruffle leather cut out looks too LV to me. I don't care for too many of the new bags this season, although I enjoy some of the gypsy shoes!
  8. its a pretty cute bag! does it come in any other colours?
  9. I've seen the black one in the Dior store in Singapore :smile:
  10. reminds me of a pair of lacy french knickers (undies) with a handle :p
  11. I just got this trendy and very feminine bag yesterday in black and I love it! :flowers:
  12. LOVE IT - It has movement, it is feminine, yet it isn't weak, it has strength about it. I liked one of the previous comments about french lacey knickers! You can just see one striding along with that strut of confidence, without a care in the world, whilst carrying it.

    I saw this in black leather in our local duty free, but it isn't a patch on the DARING RED!!!!!!! HAS BUY, BUY, BUY ALL OVER IT!
  13. Hi Ladies!
    Here come my new french knickers :roflmfao:
    Gipsy Ruffles in black
    DiorGipsy 004 Kleine Webansicht.jpg DiorGipsy 002 Kleine Webansicht.jpg
  14. and one more picture...
    DiorGipsy 002 Kleine Webansicht.jpg
  15. aaaw knickers galore LOLOLOL