I love this bag!!!!

  1. I don't know but if you try, please report back. There is a tattersall framed wristlet on the Japan web site I'm dying for!
  2. OMG I LOVE that bag!!!!! That is soooo hot!!!! I love the little bit of pink!
  3. I've been looking for a cross-body bag, and now I really really want this.... AHHHH it's going to drive me nuts!:upsidedown:
  4. Its hit or miss ordering things from JAX that are on the Japanese website. I was able to order a Legacy hippie I found on the J. website but I called JAX recently about the Bleecker shopper in brown sig on the J. website and they said I couldn't. So....hit or miss but definitley worth a try! :yes:
  5. It shows up in the regular drilldown as item number 11301. I'd call JAX and ask them! Like cverhoff said, it's worth a try!
  6. It's very cute! I've never poked around the Japan site -- lots of neat things!

    I did the currency conversion and this bag would be $646.29 (if I did it right).
  7. I love the touch of pink on it!
  8. That's a really cool bag, I love it!
  9. x2 !!!! If you find out, please report back on here! That bag is TDF especially with the scarf. I love their bags and accessories with the pink accents. O please Coach Powers-To-Be, BRING THESE ITEMS TO THE US!!!!:yahoo:
  10. I didn't notice the pink on the backside of the leather, that is so cute!!! I bet that they have that style but it might be harder to find the color. I can't wait to hear what they say!
  11. This bag also comes in the all leather version and the style number is 11304
    and it retails for $438. It is a lovely bag. I just love the cross-body style of
    this one. If it is still around for Christmas I may just get it.

  12. that can't be right! the leather version is like...$428 or something. I would guess between $398 or something. Call JAX w/the style number and cross your fingers!!
  13. Ouch! Stuff in Japan costs so much more than America! I wouldn't be able to afford Coach if I had to pay those prices!
  14. Why does japan get all the pretty pink stuff?!!? T_T