I LOVE This Bag

  1. It's in Neiman's for Fall :tup:
    NMV026C_cn.jpg NMV026C_mn.jpg
  2. Oooh I wonder if that's "blond"!
  3. It says "camel" but the dept stores rarely call these bags by their actual color names (or style names).
  4. Yeah, I am pretty sure that is the blonde color
  5. according to my bv sa, the official color is called camel.
  6. Oooh I am with you on loving this bag. I ordered this bag in black and was not in love, but I could love this bag in the blonde color!
  7. I think that's Camel. Blond is another shade altogether. Both are "official" names from BV.
  8. yep, I love that bag too. sadly, not in my budget at the moment but good on everyone who will get it. it is gorgeous!
  9. It's gorgeous, I love it. =)
  10. any pics of blonde? i assume it's lighter than camel?
  11. That is a beautiful color.
    I got this bag in Quartzo at the sale!
    It's luscious.
  12. i love the color..its gorgeous!!
  13. love the colour! :smile: