I LOVE this BAG!

  1. A leather duffle I got from eBay just arrived. It's the perfect size and the leather is lush. Just sharing a picture of it.
    Duffle.jpg Duffle2.jpg
  2. Oh it's lovely!!! Man I need a duffle!
  3. Very pretty.
  4. So nice!!! My eBay duffle should be here any day now too! How does it fit crossbody?
  5. o0o yes, can we have a crossbody pic? please please? :yes:

  6. I haven't tried it yet. I just added my skull charm to it and my red patent coin purse. Soon as I load it up, I'll check the fit of it and let you know.
  7. That is a really nice duffle. It is so classic in the black.
    Enjoy carrying that bag. Congrats!!!!:yes:
  8. Very nice. For those who asked about crossbody, I believe if you undo the strap (it's doubled-up), you should be able to wear it that way.

    Congrats again!
  9. Willowsmom is right. It fits nicely over the body (and I'm busty, :graucho: ) and the strap is VERY comfy too!
  10. Oooooo! I love it too!
  11. oooohhhh, I can't wait to get mine! I'm more "hippy" than "busty". That's probably why I can't find a crossbody that will work for me!!! It just adds to the load, KWIM? Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Glad it worked for you!!!
  12. I have that in Mahogany and the leather is awesome!

    I would love to have it in black and white - but I dont think it was made in white?

    I too got mine on eBay for a "steal" :woohoo:
  13. Congratulations and the leather looks so rich in color!
  14. Very nice!!
  15. That's a really nice bag. Congratulations and Enjoy.