i love this bag!

  1. i love this bag!

  2. are you getting one soon?
  3. a classic beauty!
  4. nice one...
  5. I have this bag in black, have had it for a few years and never worn it, always thought the gold was a bit much.
  6. Very pretty
  7. Friend of mine has it in black leather and it is beautiful IRL.
  8. its cute.
  9. i love it! its a classic
  10. It's A Total Classic!!! Love It In The Brown & In The Black!!!
  11. i love that bag tooo me and my co-worker were talking about that bag how classy it was especially in black.
  12. Very nice!!!
  13. I like it.
  14. nice!
  15. This style has been around forever. I was surprised when I noticed it was still on the gucci site the other day, guess they decided to keep it around. The brown version is nice everyday bag. The black leather is okay. It doesnt "wow" me though.