I Love This Bag Where Can I Get It

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  1. I have a craving for a new bag.. I am going to Vegas in February and was going to wait to find out what the Boutique there has to offer... I have limited myself to one bag a year now.. BOO HOO HOO
    What are the prices like in Vegas ???? I might make it if someone call tell me the name and price of this bag......
    I love the red and the black boots.. I have some stilleto black chanel boots this would look great with.... It would become my new favorite bag...
    loving the red.. i have the pink shopper tote and i am not happy with the quality of the bag....
    love.jpg loveit.jpg
  2. Jumbo Classic Flap in Pink and Red . The two hardest colors to find in Jumbo ! Nikkis has silver hardware , MK's I can't tell . looks gold . You're going to have a hard time finding one of those ...either of those .

    I do agree they are gorgeous ! Everybody want's that MK one .
  3. I'm from Vegas
    And both of the bags you looking for is surely hard to find.
    In store right now Jumbo Classic only in Brown with silver chain,Black with silver or gold chain and all new color like Grey, Navy, Violet jumbo with silver chain.
  4. boo hoo hoo....
    I am going on a NATIONAL hunt to find this bag.. I got 3 black bags already..
    I want the RED, I don't have RED.. but the brown might be nice..
    whats the cost ??
  5. Sometimes it's easier to find 'rarer' bags in the department stores (NM/Bergdorfd/Saks/Blommingdales). It may be worth calling their personal shopper departments and have them locate one for you.
  6. I love the jumbo bags. Can't decide on whether to get the jumbo flap or grand shopper tote.
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