I love this bag... how do I get it?

  1. I fell in love with this bag last summer when my boyfriend and I went on vaca to Vegas-- this girl in the elevator of the hotel we were staying at had it and I fell in looooooveeeee.

    I'm a weirdo and saved this off the Gucci website last year and stuck it on my computer somewhere, I was able to search for it and find it:

    I own the beige one, I bought it off eBay though. I sometimes wonder if I could have gotten another one that wasn't as used... it was taken care of very well but it was just obviously used as an every-day bag. No scratches, just that you know it's been used a lot.

    Anyway, so this bag I am almost sure was from last fall of '06. Is there any way to get my hands on it but brand new straight through Gucci? Is that too long ago to be able to do that? I see it on eBay once every couple of months but for close to retail price which makes me wish I could just buy it new, plus it is just such a favorite of mine I would love to own it new.

    What do I have to do, is it possible or is that style too old for Gucci to have anywhere? How does that work? I know I have read threads from people getting bags through Gucci from the boutique many states away... but how long is too long to be able to expect to get your hands on a bag?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. It's a great bag, I've had lots of people PM me for info on mine (although mine is a little different). Well you could call the outlets or ask Gucci to do a search. Besides that eBay and consignment shops would be it..and if they are too close to retail they might be like new or never used..you never know. Its better than not getting it at all so in cases like this I would just get it (if I wanted it real bad!).

    Oh and I save pictures of bags that I like/want/have too..great to drool at:drool:
  3. Do you know if I would call the Gucci store in my area or a number on the website? Do they search the outlets? Or id there's one at an outlet far away, do they ship to people? Thanks!
  4. ^ Yes, the outlets will ship. I am not sure if you can have the store search the outlets, I think you have to call the outlets yourself also.
  5. So something like this from just last year could already be in the outlets? I found the number online for the closest one to me which is in NY. I am guessing it's still early in the morning to call. Can I expect to use my credit card if I have them ship to me, if they have it? What price do you think I could get this for at an outlet, $700-ish or less even?

    Thanks so much!
  6. Much of the outlet stock right now are items that went on sale during the spring sale this year. Since this is from the previous fall, it is possible they have all been sold. I would guess it would have been around $570.
  7. wow what a great bag let me know if you find one.
  8. ugh, I hope this doesn't sound lame but I didn't call only because I'm afraid I probably shouldn't get it now anyway-- if its even available! I graduate college in a couple of months so I'm thinking I'll just try eBay... thanks for answering my question though even if I ended up not following through! I really really want this bag so badly... I went shopping today for some lipstick at Chanel counter and I was carrying this bag but in the beige monogram, not the black one which I want!! She loooved it and kept complimenting it, I was so flattered. I think the black one is just STUNNING, I would love to own this bag one day... one day hopefully soon. It has a special place on my list so I was hoping to get it new but yeah... I'm afraid it would be smart for me to wait it out.
    If I called an outlet and found it I'd probably buy it... which I really truthfully shouldn't be looking for bags right now. I'm on a bag ban I guess (lol) But yeah I feel bad not following through =\
  9. I also am in looooveeeee with this bag. I pm'd kneehighz about hers, just love it! Please let me know if you are able to locate one.
  10. If anyone has the number to the gucci outlet can you let me know. I did a search and a number did not show. Thanks guys
  11. Oh there's one on ebay right now. I don't know if its real or not, you'd have to post it in the authenticate this thread. I think its going for 799 or something.