I love these totes! Which would be better?

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  1. I'm just really getting into Coach and am finding a lot of cute ones on Ebay and have been posting up a storm in the Authenticate This thread. I am loving the Book Totes and the Lunch Totes

    I love, love, love this brown suede, but is it really practical? Is it hard to keep clean?

    Does anyone have these or similar bags? I can't decide between the lunch tote size or the book tote size. Also, I'm not sure if I supposed to ask here, but what did these sell for at the Outlet? I don't want to pay way too much for something. I've never even been in an outlet so I have no idea what something would sell for there.

  2. I LOVE lunch and Gallery totes! The one you have pictured don't look suede, it looks like it's black leather. I had a black leather gallery tote once that I bought off ebay for $40. I'll attach pics of the one I had.

    If you have an outlet near you, you should check there. They should have the MFF gallery totes for a pretty good price.

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  3. It's not. I couldn't get the brown one to come up :sad: It posted when I started the thread but it didn't post when I posted the thread if that makes sense.

    There is an outlet an hour away, I'm hoping to get there sometime soon. I've never been there before! I love that bag, very cute! What was the size of your bag? I'm wanting somethng I can carry a lot of stuff in, but it's absolutely huge, if that makes any sense, lol.