I LOVE these shoes!!

  1. So I have an obsession with BV shoes, but am still waiting to actually get my first pair. When I was in Venice, I saw these and was :drool:. They are super pricey, but I still love love love them!! It is the Bottega Veneta Chain Loop Sandals.

    Anyone have them? Thoughts on them in general? I can't seem to tell myself that they are worth the price, but they are just stunning! :heart:
    bottega-veneta-chain-loop-sandals 10-06-43.jpg
  2. I think they are adorable, and IMO well made good looking shoes are always worth the price. They are on sale at net a porter just now 30% off:smile:

  3. ^^ Are they??? It doesn't show that for me?! :crybaby:
  4. I think ebruo has them or had them, think she did and maybe returned them. Or did she then buy it again. Nvm. She would come along and clear this up.

    It is gorgeous, saw them in the boutique. I like the gold design, just the right touch of class. Expensive looking but not crass. I think its something that would last you years - think investment. Go for it!
  5. You have to check out the European/ UK version of NAP. There they pop up in the Sale section!

    And I think they`re worth every penny ;o)
  6. I love them! They're so gorgeous!
  7. Sorry Megs. They were the swirl ones like Ms Piggy said. They look very similar!;)
  8. Megs, they are beautiful. I think BV shoes are exquisitely crafted, not to mention comfortable. I'm waiting for my 3rd pair, which I got on sale at NAP!
  9. I saw these IRL as well and they are beautiful! Considering where you live, I think you'd get a lot of use out of them.
  10. I saw those shoes online and I thought they were so gorgeous. Love them
  11. Ohh the swirl ones are so similar and much cheaper!!!! I should go for those maybe, best of both worlds!!
  12. Except for the fact that I do not wear a 36.5 :crybaby:
  13. I've had my eyes on the swirls for a while now - I think they are totally worth the price :smile: